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TAG TUESDAY: Pokémon Go Book Tag

So I saw this tag done by @foksha_1996 on Instagram and I just had to do it! This tag was made by ReadAtMidnight. I just started playing this game and thought it would be a good idea to join both my love of reading and this game together. Thank you for coming up with this fun tag!!!

DISCLAIMER: Pokemon Go belongs to Nintendo and Niantic. I do not own these photos. 

Out of this group, I only have Charmander 🙁

My love of books started back when I was in fourth grade. Pretty sure Harry Potter started it all. Those are the first books I remember loving, besides Goosebumps. So thank you J.K. Rowling for bringing my love of books to the surface and now I can’t stop buying books. I totally blame you.

I haven’t come across Pikachu yet and I don’t think I will for a while.

Unfortunately, I can’t ever seem to get into classics. I’ve never been interested in them and don’t think I will for a long time. Maybe when I’m older.

But I can assure that my love for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy will never fade away.

I do have a Zubat! I caught him yesterday along with all of the other Pokemon I caught.

I would have to say the Hunger Games for this one. I didn’t want to read them when they first got popular because everyone was talking about it. It got on my last nerves. I did finally come around to reading them, after I watched the movies though.

I do not have him yet. I just started yesterday!!!

The After series reminds of almost every other romance book out there. BUT I still love them anyway! I’ve actually wanted to reread them really soon.

My goal is to catch Snorlax by the end of the month! He’s always been one of my favorites.

I haven’t bought the Throne Of Glass series because it seems soooo long. I really do want to read them though because I heard so many great things about them.

I feel like such a noob. I haven’t really caught anything *le sigh*

What book doesn’t keep me up at night? The last book I couldn’t put down until I finished it was Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. I stayed up pretty late to finish that one.

My OTP will always be Dean and Olivia from the Spiral of Bliss series. If you haven’t read that series and love romance, GO READ THEM. You will thank me later.

Mercy by Helenkay Dimon. It’s actually the book I’m reading right now (as I’m typing this, I’m sure I’ll be finished before this tag goes up). It got straight to the point and I LOVE books like that. I hate it when things get dragged on and on. It makes me want to stop reading the book!

I caught my Eevee yesterday whilst walking to the store to get some soda!!

Any spin off Colleen Hoover does will always be absolutely perfect. There isn’t one thing that woman has written that I’ve disliked.

I’ve caught like three Magikarps in less than 24 hours.

The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild. I didn’t expect them to be so good but they are and I’m glad I decided to buy them all at once because I could not put them down.

There’s too many series that I’m hyped about reading. I don’t own them yet so I’m not going to say what they are because there are so many. I still want to read the Beautiful Creatures series and I think I’m only missing like two books. So hopefully soon I can get them in my read pile!

I would love so much to own a collectors edition of Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings. I just have boring box sets of both of them and I’m not really happy with them 🙁 Oh well, at least I do have them.

I am super excited for It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I did whatever I could to try and win a copy but with my luck, I didn’t 🙁

Colleen Hoover. I will ALWAYS buy her books. Anna Todd, Nina Lane, Meredith Wild, Sylvia Day and many more. Almost always, if I like one book by an author, I will like most of them.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for It Ends With Us forever. Also, Swear On This Life by Renee Carlino. I’ve been dying to get my hands on those books for a year it seems.

So is probably my favorite tag I’ve done this year. I can’t wait until I see more of these running around so I can catch them and add them to my blog 🙂

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