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How Blogging About Books Has Changed Me

Okay, so obviously it’s not really going to change my life drastically. But it many ways, it has changed me and the way I go about doing things.

When I begin a book now, I do not really read the synopsis or any reviews. I always feel put off if I don’t like the synopsis or read negative reviews. I know what everyone is going to say, “Why buy a book if you don’t know what it’s about?” I generally buy books from the same genres. I also judge a book by it’s cover, sue me. I’m 99.9% sure almost all book bloggers do.

Now when I read books, I look more into reasoning. I look more into why characters are the way they are and whatnot. It makes for better reviews and better understanding for those who couldn’t understand it themselves.

Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. I now buy books based on whether I think they’ll look good on my Instagram account. I’m an awful person for this, I know. But I like my feed and I like to show pretty books on it. Sorry.

With all of the blogging and Instagramming, I feel closer to reading than I have in my entire life. When my husband and I moved in together back in 2012, I only had probably 35 books. I now have 240 books. It’s been a long journey but it’s no where near finished.

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