Review: Tempting Fate by Anastasia Nil

No relationship comes with a guarantee. You’ve got to take a leap of faith. 

At twenty-one, Crystal Lambert has a perfect life. Well almost perfect, with the exception of a boyfriend. So it’s no surprise to her when she’s smitten with the handsome foreigner, after she falls into his arms in a somewhat embarrassing situation. Though she can smell trouble, she’s drawn to him like a moth to fire.

Coming to Austin is an escape for Aiden Drakos from all the darkness surrounding him in Athens. The last thing he needs is a girl falling all over him. Past has taught him to keep a distance from such feelings.

With so much at stake, can they walk away from the deep and warm relationship once the semester is over?

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First off, I’d like to thank Anastasia for asking me to review her book. I entered to win it in a contest, knowing my chances were slim to none to winning it. When I got her email, I was beyond thrilled to give it a read!
I like how fast the two main characters are introduced. It’s always nice to get a feel of both of them right from the beginning. 
I love Crystal. She sounds a lot like me and I love when I relate to the main character.
I think the book moved a little too fast. It jumped from scene to scene a little too fast, almost making me forget what just happened.

The story is great. I like the idea of the book but you can tell that she’s a new author. I feel like that with time, her writing will improve and it’ll be easier to read.

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