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TAG TUESDAY: Beauty And The Best Tag

I know I skipped last week, after I said I wouldn’t skip any. I also haven’t figured out what I’m going to post on Fridays. Any suggestions?

I found this tag from DreamlandBookBlog. I haven’t seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie yet, but I’m dying to!!!

I’m just going to dive right in to this seeing as I am doing it last minute Monday night…. oops

This series isn’t as popular as I thought it was. When I first started being apart of the book community, this series was at least a couple of years old. So maybe it was popular at one point? I don’t know.
Tatiana. I just love her story. She’s my number one main villain besides Cyrus in the Blood Ties series by Jennifer Armintrout
Atlas and Lily.

I loved how their story began. Lily was such a sweet girl to a boy that no one wanted anything to do with. It was a cute story and I wish they never went their separate ways. But that obviously wouldn’t have made for the book It Ends With Us became.


I just feel like he’s really intelligent. It’s just he was a terrible person. He wasted his talent on telling everyone’s secrets on a gossip app he made for his school.

I feel like if he were still alive, he could go many places with that brain of his.

This book didn’t make me hungry because that hunk on the cover. 
Olivia works in a little coffee shop and she bakes pies!! I had a craving for pie the entire time I was reading this book!!!

Wren and Charlie are on different scales of high school cliques.
They have a chance meeting in the emergency room when Charlie is in need of stitches. From then on, they just find themselves with each other and their relationship blossoms.
She has so many secrets. She’s one of the best characters I could think of for this one. There’s just so much about her that you get to learn within three books. It’s an intense trilogy.

This is not the book I originally thought of for this one. Alas, I have loaned that book out and cannot feature it.
I haven’t read this one yet. It is next though! I did watch the show and I feel like I’ve changed a lot. I just feel more in tune with my feelings and other people’s feelings.

I feel bad for saying this, but it has to be Six Of Crows.
I honestly don’t think I’m ever going to read it. It’s not my typical book I would normally pick up. 
It’s really pretty so it’s not a loss in my book 🙂

I read this book about two weeks after I gave birth to my son. If you’ve read this book, you’ll know why I ugly cried for about three days straight.

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