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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

Bookish Resolutions/Goals

This week, I’m not going to do any pictures. I think I’m going to give myself a break from setting everything up and just have a nice text post. This is a good topic to do that because I don’t really have to take pictures to let everyone know my resolutions and goals. 
I basically have to think of this one as I go. I don’t think I’ll end up with ten resolutions or goals for my bookish life. I didn’t end up with ten goals. That’s okay! Maybe next year I can  have ten goals!

Getting Rid Of Books

I’ve actually already started this one. I’ve downsized my collection from 715 to 500. I haven’t gotten rid of them yet. I’m going to go through them again just to make sure I want to get rid of them. I’ll be bringing them to a local book store and trade them in for store credit so I can get books that I will be more likely to read. 

Read 50 Books

I read 54 books in 2017. I know I can do it. Instead of setting my goal at 60 again, I aimed for lower. I felt so disappointed in myself that I didn’t reach my 2017 goal. So, I’m going to set a goal I know I can achieve.

Smaller Hauls

I’m really trying to stop buying books just to buy them. That’s how I ended up have over 700 books that I would never read. I bought random books at the dollar store just because they were a dollar. I bought .25 cent books at the library because it was a steal. I have to stop doing that! I don’t have room in our apartment to keep books that I’ll never read!!

Read More Genres

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I read mostly romance and contemporary YA. I want to expand my genres. I have fantasy books I would like to read. I have some thriller books I would like to read. I just want to expand my reading to more than just love stories. I want some adventure in my life!

Be More Active

I want to be more active in the bookish community. I used to post on Bookstagram three times a day. Right now, you’ll be lucky if I post three times a week. Bookstagram is what got me into blogging. I need to make sure my feed stays up to date. I’ve been more active on my blog like I have wanted to be this year. So, I think I’m doing pretty good here. 

Less Internet

I know this is opposite to my last goal. But I feel like I spend too much time on the internet and not enough time reading. All those minutes I spend scrolling through Facebook, I could be reading to reaching my reading goal for the year. I watch a lot of Youtube as well. I’ve gotten into the habit that if I watch Youtube, I have to be multitasking. Right now, I’m watching booktube videos while making this post. The internet really distracts me from reading and I need to lower my internet habits.

More Bookish Items

My bookshelves are bare from the bookish items. I really want more Pops and other bookish things. I want to find a way to get nice lights for my shelves. I just want it to look more lively with the things I love. 

Harry Potter

I’ve been wanting to start collecting different copies of Harry Potter. I want an entire bookshelf dedicated to Harry Potter and all things Harry Potter. I just want an amazing Harry Potter collection because it’s a big part of my reading life. 
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