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    February Wrap Up:

    February was not a good reading month for me. I was absolutely busy and stressed to the max. I’m really hoping March will be a lot better with reading. Although, I’m typing this up on the 5th and I’m thinking it’s not going to be. Why do I have to adult and not just read all the time? Even though I didn’t read much in February, I still read two AMAZING books. They were so good! I’ll see you guys soon with my March wrap up 🙂 A Short History Of A Girl Next Door Jared Reck Published By: Knopf Books for Young Readers on September 26th 2017Genres: Young Adult,…

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    March Bookstagram Challenge Day Five:

    Favorite Chapter Design The Cruel Prince by Holly Black has such gorgeous chapter designs. I love that they’re so simple, yet really unique. Not gonna lie, everything about this book is beautiful though. It was mainly a cover buy because the naked cover to this is just BEAUTIFUL! I am also aware that I am starting this at day five. I had the idea of bringing the bookstagram challenges here for about a week now and I’m just now getting the time to start it!

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    Bookstagram Challenges On My Blog

    Do you know how people who have Bookstagram accounts do a monthly challenge and post a daily picture? I’m thinking of bringing that here. I love doing them on Instragram. They are just so much fun. But, Instagram has really lost it’s touch. All the recent updates are garbage. You can’t even use tags like you used to anymore! The algorithm is just awful. Sooooo, why not bring it to something that I do love and enjoy? I will do different challenges for each month and I will find them on Instagram and I will be sure to link the creator of the challenge as well. This month’s challenge is…