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The Greatest Showman Book Tag

I recently saw that Tracy @ Cornerfolds did this tag. I commented on her post saying that I haven’t seen the movie yet and she told me to watch it immediately. I bought it Friday night and it’s now Sunday and I’ve watched it three times and I won’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

I think it’s safe to say that I am in love with this movie. It’s my favorite!!!


Pick a book that is the best book you’ve read and gave you all the feels. 

This is definitely one the best books I’ve ever read. It’s such an impactful read and I just felt everything while reading this book. I’ve been talking about this book so much lately. I think I just might do a reread!


Pick a book that left you dreaming about it after you finished it. 
This book was all I could have ever asked for. I don’t think anyone should be surprised with this choice. I mean. Chapter 55 is all I have to say. 


Pick a book where a character finally accepts themselves. 
I love Norah’s growth throughout this book. She finally accepts how she is and even works harder on her agoraphobia. I loved this book!


A book/character that changed your opinion on them.
I’m using this cover for the sake of not using two of the same covers. Tamlin. Boy, oh boy. I loved Tamlin in ACOTAR. I HATED him in ACOMAF. I still hate him even though he sort of redeemed himself. Tamlin is poo poo.


An author or book series you could never get enough of. 
I love Q and Tess. I will read anything Pepper puts out with them in it. Heck, I’ll buy anything Pepper puts out because I just really freaking love her books!


A book you love despite everyone hating it. 
I feel like nobody likes this series. I loved it so much when I was reading it and I had a lot of fun reading it. I feel like this book needs more appreciation. 


A bookish OTP that overcame a lot to finally be together. 
Isobel and Rook go through so much to be with each other in the end. I really wish this book wasn’t a standalone. I need to know what their life is like now. I’m deprived. 


An author/book series that gives you trust issues. 
I’m either going to love a book by Kasie West or I’m going to hate it. 


A book you’ve ignored for so long and finally need to read.
I’m being so stubborn with this book. I’m so scared I’m going to hate it so I haven’t read it yet. Help me want to read it!!!!
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