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Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag

OMG, how are we already halfway through 2018?? All I know is, Christmas is halfway here and I’m too excited to decorate again. I need my tree back in my living room!

I feel like all I do is work and sleep these days. Although, I’m still ahead on my Goodreads challenge and I’m hoping to keep it that way. Maybe this will be the first year I actually complete a reading challenge.

This year has really been amazing so far. I went to Disney for the first time. I really went when I was like three, but I don’t remember it so I don’t count it. I got my first ever PAID vacation. I got a brand new car that I’m making payments on. Everything has really started to look up for us this year. Even better than last year.

I’m hoping the rest of the year gets even better for every single one of us!

Now, onto the topics!

Best Book You’ve Read This Year:

So, I was really obsessed with this book. It’s all I would think about after reading it. Now, that I’ve had some time away from the series I’m feeling withdrawn from it. I’m just worried with how this series is going to turn out and I’m scared I’m going to end up disliking it. Especially if we don’t get Feyre and Rhys like we did.

I’m still going to say that this is the best book I read this year. Even though, Dangerous Girls was a close second. I just got way too many feels from this book.


Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far:

I could really use ACOMAF for this one and I probably should have. But I’m going to use ACOWAR. I didn’t like it as much as ACOMAF but I loved the war scenes. I was on my toes the entire time. It was such an enjoyable read. And to be honest, I think I wouldn’t have minded if this series ended as a trilogy. I would have been happy with this ending. 


New Release You Haven’t Read Yet:

Ever since I started hearing about this book, I knew I had to have it. I bought it about a week after it came out and I still have read it. I’m patiently waiting for my app to choose this as my next read. 

I’m oddly proud of this book. I haven’t read it but I’m so proud of Tomi and all that she’s accomplished with this book. So amazing.


Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year:

I feel like this book is either going to make me fall in love or break me. I’ve never read a book by Adam before but I have read a book by Becky and I loved it. I’ve heard many things about Adam’s books and they’re heartbreaking. So it’s definitely going to be an interesting read.


Biggest Disappointment: 

I bought this book because losing my grandma was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to experience. The cover says “Required reading for anyone who’s ever loved or lost someone…but especially both.” I 100% misunderstood that and thought it was going to help me get over losing my grandma. Well. It definitely meant someone you were in a relationship with. Not a family member. Boo. 


Biggest Surprise:

I wasn’t expecting too much from this book. It was a great surprise. I’m not a huge fan of mystery, so when I was loving this book I was shocked. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed reading this book. It was almost like reading through a Law & Order episode. 


Favorite New Author: 

I don’t think this is going to be a shocker at all. I’ve been obsessing over Sarah J. Maas all year. I love her and I spent a crap ton of money to make sure I had all of her books. 


Newest Fictional Crush: 

Cardin. Cardin. Cardin. I love him. Every time I see fan art of him I get all giddy. I feel like his character is going to be so amazing in the future. I’m too excited for The Wicked King. I need to get hooked up with an ARC. How do I do this?????


Newest Favorite Character:

Here’s another Sarah J. Maas answer. Rhysand. I love me some Rhys. I hated him in this book but I’m going to use this cover since I haven’t used it yet. I was really shocked with how his character turned out. I love him.


Book That Made You Cry:

Jared Reck wrecked me with this book. I was bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t handle this book. It just reminded me so much of me when I lost my grandma and I was crying so much. Such a wonderful read.


Book That Made You Happy: 

Omg, how many questions are there. I didn’t read like 100 books this year. Ummm. I’m just going to say Lucian Divine because I really enjoyed the characters and their quirkiness. So cute.


Favorite Book To Film Adaptation:

I have actually not watched any book to film adaptations this year. So this answer is going to be left unanswered. 


Favorite Post You’ve Done This Year: 

I’m not going to choose a favorite strictly because I work really hard on all of my posts and I love them all equally. 


Most Beautiful Book You Bought This Year:

Bad Romance. I’m still amazed with how much I love this cover. It’s so freaking gorgeous!


What Books Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year:

I don’t care what books I read throughout the year. My goal is to just meet my reading challenge. So I just need to read 21 more books and I’m happy. 

With that being said, I’m going to get away from the internet for the day and try to finish reading What I Lost by Abigail Ballard!

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