Books With Same Titles?

There are books out there that share the same titles. In my personal opinion, that’s going to be inevitable. There’s so many books that get published throughout the year and there’s millions of books that have been published in the past.

To me, it seams impossible that a book title won’t be shared.

Just as long as the content inside of those books aren’t similar, I don’t think titles should matter. There’s only so much people can do with titles. People don’t purchase books based on their titles.

Well, I know I don’t.

I purchase books based off their synopsis and the hype surrounding that book. I could care less about the name of the book to be honest.

What do you guys think on this matter?

I just think it’s interesting that someone would think that someone who has written like 30 books is trying to “shamelessly profit” off your success of one book. You’re not the only one who came up with that title.

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