Family Time // Why It’s Important To Me

As we all know, juggling a family and full-time job can be quite stressful. I’ve been a mom for almost five years, and I still feel like I fail almost every single day. I try my best and it never seems like it’s enough. Marcel obviously doesn’t think this. I do. Marcel is grateful for all of the things we’re able to do for him and I love him for that.

As a four-year-old, I feel like Marcel is very understanding. Ever since he was a baby, he just understood that mommy and daddy needed to go to work. He has never cried when we left. He will even tell us to have a good day!

With all the talk about working full-time pushed aside, I wanted to share with you guys why spending time with my family is important to me. It’s good for my soul. It gives me time to separate myself from my job. I’m there almost 40 hours a week and it’s draining.

Being around my son and future husband really helps me get back into my own mind zone. I’m not constantly worrying about work. Being with them brightens up my spirits. I can’t ever not smile around them.

My world revolves around them.

My anxiety levels are nowhere near as high when I’m with my family. It’s so important to me to be able to take some time with them and just enjoy the day. Whether it’s just sitting around the house playing video game or going on a quiet walk. Everything I do with them is amazing.

I gotta stop being a sap now because I said I would cook dinner tonight. Hope it’s yummy!

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