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ThriftBooks // I Don’t Recommend!

*EDIT* Yes, I do realize that I ordered from a used book store. The items I purchased did not come as they said they were supposed to. Of course, I’m going to be angry. I’m a book collector! I like my books in good condition!

So, I decided to give ThriftBooks a go. I was pretty excited to see such cheap books! I really wish I would have read reviews before I did this. Oh boy, the disappointment. Out of the five books I ended up receiving, I was only happy with ONE of them. Just one. That’s not very good odds.

This review is not based on the customer service. I received amazing customer service when it came to asking for a new copy. They were very nice and understanding and even told me I don’t have to send the original copy back, but to donate it. 
Now. Let’s talk about these books. I ordered a book that was brand new but I’m not including that book in this review.
I’ve decided I’m going to talk about the book that I was happy with. That was the Kiss Quotient. I ordered this book and it stated it was in “very good” condition. I would have to agree with that. This book is in pretty good condition. I just have to take a couple of stickers off and it’s almost like new.
The next book I was aggravated with. I specifically ordered a the beautiful copy of After I Do. The really nice one with the car and flowers on it. I received this really ugly copy. It’s in good condition, so I’m not angry with it. I will be purchasing a new copy with the pretty cover because I’m not keeping this on my shelves.
The next book, I wasn’t terrible mad about. I was kind of eh that it has stickers and the back is kind of dirty. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the back. I will still be purchasing a new copy of this book because I can’t deal with how it looks to be honest. This book was in “good” condition. I agree with that because it is good. I would just prefer something newer.
The last book is the one I had to complain about. This book. UGH THIS BOOK. I was so angry. SO ANGRY. This book was supposed to be in “VERY GOOD CONDITION”. This book was an old library book. I know, and you know, an ex-library book won’t be in very good condition. Come on. WTF? The pages looked like they could just come undone by opening the book. I have pictures of that down below. This book is also bent and can’t stand up on it’s own.
Alright. SO. Today, I received my replacement book. I was so excited to be able to get a better copy. So excited. When I looked inside, I almost threw the darned thing. How are you going to send a replacement book after I complained about the last one you gave me WITHOUT A DUST JACKET??? That’s not right. Beyond wrong. I will also be buying this book brand new because I can’t even get the dust jacket off the other copy without ruining it. 
Yes, this book is in better condition but it’s not how it should be. 
After all of my time spent with dealing with these books, I can honestly say I will never order from them again. I do not recommend anyone to order from them. Unless, it’s a brand new book. 

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