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    Going On A Book Buying Ban

    As I’m sure all of you know, buying books can be addictive. As of right now, I own close to 700 books. I maybe have read 30% of these books. That’s the problem with buying books. Well, it’s my problem with buying books. I don’t see an issue with buying things that make you happy.  I’m not going on a complete book buying ban. I have a couple of pre-orders coming out in the near future. I also want to continue to buy books from my local library. They’re super cheap. Prices range from .25 cents to about three dollars. That isn’t bad at all.  We have a wedding that…

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    Have I Always Been A Reader?

    I’ve decided that I’m going to start making discussion posts. I’m just going to post them randomly. Maybe once a week. I really want to try and be more active. And yes, I know I said I switch platforms again. I tried self hosting WordPress and I still did not like it. I will be staying on Blogger and never switching again. This time, I can promise you. Today’s topic is one I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of people talk about. Have I always been a reader? The answer is simple. No. Not always. That’s not even in the sense that I didn’t read when I was baby and…

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    Discussion: What Do You Do With Your Books When You’re Finished Reading Them?

    If you’re active in the bookish community, you’ll see that there was a Youtuber that stated that you should only have like 30 books in your home. I haven’t seen that video, nor do I plan to. I’ve noticed that it’s been quite controversial and not many people are happy with what she’s said. I don’t know if it’s like a minimalist thing or what. I’m just really curious to what you guys think about this. Personally, I keep all of the books that I spend my hard earned money on. Unless I really disliked the book. Or if I know I’ll never read it. I like to display all…

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    Weekly Recap: 11/26 – 12/2

    AWAY FROM THE BLOG It’s finally December! The best month of the year. I’m looking forward to so many thing this month and I can’t wait to share them with all of you. As for last week, I didn’t do too much. I worked late a lot this week and it’s hard to go out and get anything done when I have to work late.  As you can see, I’ve made changes to my blog… again. That was my main focus for this week. I wanted everything to look clean and simple. I didn’t want to do the crazy filters on my photos anymore. I’m really liking the white minimal…

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    Books With Same Titles?

    There are books out there that share the same titles. In my personal opinion, that’s going to be inevitable. There’s so many books that get published throughout the year and there’s millions of books that have been published in the past. To me, it seams impossible that a book title won’t be shared. Just as long as the content inside of those books aren’t similar, I don’t think titles should matter. There’s only so much people can do with titles. People don’t purchase books based on their titles. Well, I know I don’t. I purchase books based off their synopsis and the hype surrounding that book. I could care less…

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    Giveaway Winner!

    Congratulations to Sandra in Croatia! Thank you for entering my contest and I really hope you will enjoy your copy of Vengeful be V.E. Schwab! Thank you to everyone who entered. It really means a lot to me. I’m going to take a little break from doing the giveaways until after the holiday season is done. I’m focused on buying gifts for my family at the moment and don’t have the extra funds for the giveaways. I think the next giveaways I do will be on Instagram. Be on the lookout for that! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    End Of The Year Book Tag:

    Where has this year gone? I swear, as I get older the years go by faster. This was such a wonderful book/reading year for me. I’m so happy with all the things I’ve accomplished this year. I got rid of so many books this year. Something I thought I would never do. If I didn’t, I’d have over 1,000 books in our tiny apartment. As much as my book loving heart would love to fill my home with tons of books, it’s just not logical. I met my Goodreads goal! That’s what I’m most excited about. I’m so freaking happy. My goal was 50 books for the year and I’m…

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    Weekly Recap: 11/19 – 11/25

    AWAY FROM THE BLOG As you all may know, this week was Thanksgiving. There’s nothing better than getting to spend time with family. We drove about an hour and a half to Sarasota to visit family that we don’t really get to see throughout the year. It was amazing. We met so many new people and my son was enjoying all the attention from everyone.  I’m also very happy to say that we’ve got most of our Christmas shopping done for our son. Black Friday may be hectic, but it’s well worth it. Video games are not cheap! I hope you all had a nice Holiday and that it was…

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    Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Grateful For

    I figured, I can do this one. It’s a freebie and I’m sure there’s a decent amount of books I’ve read that I’m grateful for. With Thanksgiving around the corner and everyone will be giving thanks, I decided I’m going to give thanks to these amazing books that I’ve read and adored. Some of these books are really important to me in many ways. I’ll get descriptive with each book that I post. With that being said, here are the books that I’m grateful for. Also, I’m not going to include Harry Potter in this list. Yes, I am grateful for Harry Potter. Beyond grateful. I just think it’s something…

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    Mental Health Read:

    Eliza And Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia has great anxiety representation. I related to how Eliza feels when anxiety does decide it wants to attack. It was just a great read all together. Go read it. Now. I haven’t read Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow yet. Scrolling through Goodreads, I’ve seen many high ratings and recommendations for this book. I’m not entirely sure which mental health disorder this book covers and I don’t know if it’s done well. Maybe I’ll see soon. What mental health books do you recommend?