• Books I Bought Recently That I’m Dying To Read

    Books I Bought Recently That I’m Dying To Read

    As I’ve stated in a previous blog post, I have an app that chooses what book I’m going to read for me. It really beats the struggle of trying to decide what book I’m going to read next. It also helps with making sure books that have been sitting on my shelves for a long time actually get read. I’m not entirely sure this app is something I’m going to continue using. I miss being able to just pick out what I want to read next. Maybe I’ll alternate. Pick one book for myself and then let the app pick one. I don’t know. I’ve been wanting to try out…

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    How Do You Decide What To Read Next?

    I’m still trying to keep my mind busy. With losing Pascal, I’ve been in a depressed state and I’m trying to get out of that. I hate having my son see me not want to interact with the world. I hate him seeing me cry. I’m trying to feel better for him. Ever since losing my fur baby, I’ve been keeping my nose in books. I have finished two books. Escaping this world for a bit has definitely helped me out. I had a constant thought yesterday about how people decide what they’re going to read next. I have all of my unread books in an app called “Randomizer”. I…

  • Get Free Books With The Verydice App!

    Get Free Books With The Verydice App!

    VeryDice is an app I’ve been using for quite some time now. I’m not going to lie, it takes time and patience to be able to get a free book from this app. But here’s the awesome thing: it’s 100% FREE! I haven’t spent a penny on this app and I choose not to. All I do is watch ads throughout my day when I have a minute or two to spare. That’s it. You also get free daily spins which help you gain tickets! You just have to be patient! You will get rewarded 🙂 All the books pictured above are books that I have gotten from using this…

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    Annotating Books // Should I Do It?

    I have tried annotating one book before. I’m not going to lie, I loved it. I loved being able to underline certain texts and writing my feelings. I feel like it really helped me process the book more. I felt more in tune with the book and how I felt with it. After I partially annotated that one book, I haven’t done it sense. I still have the urges to write in my books. When I read something funny. Something sad. Something that makes me angry. I just don’t pick up my pen to write anything down. Why? I’m so scared that I will want to get rid of these…